Activ Cycles has partnered with Laka to offer you people-powered bike insurance designed by cyclists for cyclists – and a FREE 30-day free trial on us. These guys do insurance differently, offering protection from theft, damage and vandalism with faster payouts to get you straight back in the saddle. Laka have been voted best bike insurance provider for five years in a row and we love the way they do things. Read on to find out more.

Why is Laka different?

Joining Laka means you become part of a collective. Unlike big corporate providers, who set premiums to make a profit, they charge a monthly contribution based on the amount they have paid out in the past month on repairs, replacements and so on. Your regular payment is capped so if they pay out more your monthly fee will never go above that figure. However, if they pay out less, you’ll pay less. 

Laka are also refreshingly transparent about how they do things. They openly say they pay out 80% of contributions to members and the remaining 20% goes on running the business.

What we love about Laka 

Let’s get to the point. Here’s what’s so great about bike insurance from Laka.

What are the cover levels? 

Laka offer two main levels of cover; Pro and Core.

Laka Pro now includes Laka Club membership for free, covering 3rd party liability, legal and cycling perks, as well as Health & Recovery to help members recover better from accidents with specialist treatments and services.

How much will I pay?

You can use the Laka calculator to get a quote but here are a couple of examples. 

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Trek Emonda ALR 5
Price new: £1850

Typical monthly Laka payment: £16
Never more than: £19.25

Trek Rail 9.5 
Price new: £6,900

Typical monthly Laka payment: £49
Never more than: £60.22

How do I sign up and get my free month?

Start by getting a quote. Then fill in the details about your bike, choose whether to insure accessories and clothing, and then fill in your details. Use the discount code ACTIV30 at the checkout to get your 30 days FREE.

Then just get on your bike and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that your pride and joy is protected!


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